Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 8: Chewies!

See Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 8: Chewies! Each aligner has a specific prescribed tooth movement for each individual tooth. To fully express the prescribed tooth movement, it is important that the teeth seat fully into the plastic aligners. Chewies can assist with this full expression and are fantastic for supplementing our desired tooth movements. In this video, Dr Wesley discusses Chewies and how to use them.

Tips to remember:

* Keep a Chewie in your aligner case at all times.
* Use the Chewies to seat your aligners each time you place the aligners back into your mouth. This will ensure you are seating them all the way and getting the most out of each aligner.
* Chewies can be washed with dish soap and reused throughout the entirety of your treatment.
* Exercise your Chewies by “walking them around the arch”. Clench on each tooth for about 5 seconds each.
* If you experience jaw or msucle pain from clenching too much on the Chewies then STOP! This would be a good reason to not use your Chewies.
* Check every tooth daily to ensure that the tooth is completely filling the aligner. If it is not then call your orthodontist and say Que pasa?

Gerald W. Wesley, DDS, MS