Here to Make You Smile

At Lifetime Orthodontics, we know that the proper care can be life-changing, so we strive to deliver attentive, personalized treatment to everyone we meet.

Our entire team takes our Beyond the Smile philosophy to heart, maintaining the highest standards of care while continuously working on expanding our treatment options.

With Lifetime Orthodontics, we tailor treatment to your wants and needs to help you reach—and exceed—your smile goals.

Expert Training

Orthodontists are dentists first. Out of 100 dental school graduates, on average, only six go on to become orthodontists.

To practice orthodontics, Dr. Wesley spent 11 years in training (four years of college, four years of dental school, and three years of orthodontics residency).


As an orthodontic student, Dr. Wesley spent three years perfecting the skills necessary to manage tooth movement and guide facial development. Dr. Wesley is a board-certified orthodontist.

Patient-Centered Care

At Lifetime Orthodontics, we provide a patient-centered experience with your complete satisfaction in mind. We treat you with kindness and warmth; everything is individualized to your unique needs and goals. Our Beyond the Smile care will have you leaving feeling like a person, not a patient.

We think long-term and plan your treatment for the next 20, 30, and 40 years. Our customized treatment plans, relentless education, and continual encouragement provide you with the lifelong tools to achieve the smile that keeps giving.

From your first visit to our Clinton Township or Grosse Pointe office to the day your braces come off, your experience is essential to us as a team.

Our goal at Lifetime Orthodontics is to give you the smile of your lifetime and excellent customer service throughout your treatment.

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Efficient Treatments

Orthodontic treatment at Lifetime Orthodontics is much more comfortable than it used to be, thanks to shape-memory NiTi wires.

With the same technology that NASA uses, NiTi wires exert a continuous force against the teeth to move them in the right direction, minimizing your adjustments.

At Lifetime Orthodontics, we take pride in straightening your teeth as comfortably as possible. We minimize your visits to our Clinton Township or Grosse Pointe office, so you'll spend less time in braces, and the time you do spend is more comfortable.

Flexible Payments

At Lifetime Orthodontics, you'll enjoy flexible financing with interest-free options.

We accept all major credit cards and offer in-office payment options with no financing fee. To make your experience as convenient as possible, we can set up autopay options, so you don’t have to give payments another thought!

We also work with a third-party financing company if you want additional options.

Modern Techniques

Dr. Wesley is a committed, life-long student, so he continues to study and earn education credits as orthodontic treatments and technology advance.

His orthodontic interests focus on advancing technologies and treating you beyond just your smile. This includes improvement to airway, temporomandibular joint management, and soft tissue management.

Lifetime Orthodontics is your Clinton Township and Grosse Pointe location for modern orthodontic treatment. In addition to metal braces, we offer more cosmetic options like ceramic braces and Invisalign. Dr. Wesley’s expertise, coupled with advanced technologies, create faster and more efficient tooth movement and treatment times.


Accessible & Convenient Locations

Our two locations feature flexible scheduling with early morning and late evening appointments to fit your busy schedule.

With offices in Clinton Township and Grosse Pointe, expert orthodontic care is only a few minutes from your home, work, or school.

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Start Your Treatment the Same Day

The orthodontic treatment process involves a series of visits to Lifetime Orthodontics. We value the relationship we will build with you and your family throughout that process. Dr. Wesley wants you to feel confident that you're receiving the best orthodontic care possible.

Once you feel we've answered your questions and concerns at your free consultation, you can start your treatment at Lifetime Orthodontics the same day! We value your time, and we know you want to make the most of every visit to our Clinton Township or Gross Pointe office.