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As part of our Lifetime Orthodontics family, you’ll receive the best treatment using the latest technology. Dr. Wesley and our experienced team have the skills to transform your smile and increase your confidence at our Clinton Township and Grosse Pointe offices.

Your First Visit

At Lifetime Orthodontics, your first consultation with us is free. Our team will take state of the art records to provide Dr. Wesley with a full range of critical information.

These records are free done at no charge and include:

  • Photographs of your mouth and face
  • A 3D scan which will provide Dr. Wesley with information about airways, the position of the teeth and supporting structure, root and bone structure, and much more.
  • A digital scan of the teeth

You’ll meet Dr. Wesley and he will talk you through any orthodontic issues and present his recommendations for your customized care.

Our treatment coordinator will work with you to customize a payment plan that really works for you. Please make sure you have provided information regarding any insurance benefit you may have so that we can verify coverage and include the benefit in the financial plan.

We look forward to meeting you at our Clinton Township and Grosse Pointe offices.

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At Lifetime Orthodontics, we believe finances shouldn't be the thing that prevents you from getting the smile of your lifetime. That’s why we offer affordable orthodontics to fit almost any budget.

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