Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 10: Refinement Treatment Planning

October 7, 2019

Orthodontics is an awesome profession! It combines science, art, and critical thinking to produce and beautiful yet functional masterpiece. One of my favorite parts of Orthodontics, is treatment planning (coming up with the treatment and its sequence). It takes a lot of knowledge and though but is very rewording when you see your plan come to fruition. When we take out our refinement records, it is an opportunity for the... Read More


Can I recycle my Invisalign trays?

September 24, 2019

In orthodontic offices all over the world, plastic mountains are created every single day. This is my dramatization of the mass amount of aligners that are delivered, unpacked and stored in our office every day. Like many offices, the number of aligners that come through our office each day is rapidly increasing. Just ask our “Invisaleader” who is assigned the daunting task of managing all of these aligner cases. Invisalign,... Read More


Good luck to our Student-Athletes!

August 27, 2019

Football season is here! Growing up, a lot of my life revolved around sports. Football in particular seemed to occupy a lot of my time and energy. This past week I had the unique opportunity to return to my high school and speak to the young Marine City Mariners. Coach Glodich, who I worked with closely when I was there had reached out and asked if I could come "speak... Read More


The Pink + Project

August 21, 2019

Lifetime Orthodontics Presents The Pink + Project The vision for Lifetime Orthodontics has always reached much further than just straight teeth. There are many ways to work in the field of orthodontics straightening teeth without taking on the hardships of running a business. Without these hardships, however, I would not be able to fulfill my higher missions. The mission to inspire and be inspired every single day. The mission to... Read More


Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 9: Refinements

August 14, 2019

Refinements are a natural part of aligner therapy. I think that people often see the number of aligners and assume that they are done when they reach the last aligner. Orthodontist are well trained at assessing the types of movements that required to achieve your ideal results. When you are in a consultation, listen closely! They will often give you an estimated length of treatment. I find too often that... Read More


Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 8: Chewies!

July 29, 2019 Each aligner has a specific prescribed tooth movement for each individual tooth. To fully express the prescribed tooth movement, it is important that the teeth seat fully into the plastic aligners. Chewies can assist with this full expression and are fantastic for supplementing our desired tooth movements. In this video, Dr Wesley discusses Chewies and how to use them. Tips to remember: * Keep a Chewie in your aligner... Read More


Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 7: Wearing aligners in a social setting

July 10, 2019 Perhaps the most challenging part of wearing your aligners the minimum 22 hours each day is wearing them in a social setting. Very few engagements that you will attend are less than 30 minutes and I doubt that you are saving up your 2 hours allotted per day until your event. These are the adaptations that Dr Wesley has made. Check them out and perhaps you can mold this... Read More


Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 6: A Healthy Diet

June 25, 2019

This episode is a bit goofy yet fun! Dr Wesley takes you on a trip to the grocery store and discusses some foods to avoid while wearing your aligners. He also reveals one of the major overlooked benefits of aligner therapy. If you are having any challenges with your aligner routine and diet please reach out to discuss in the comments below or at Here are some important points... Read More


‘Retainers For Life’

June 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what retainers think about when you lay them down to rest in their case at day? It is not pleasant! Think about the most chilling night terrors that you have ever had. Like the one where you were just laying there in your case. You hear the case pop open and think that its off to work I go! Until….”why is this tongue extra slobbery today?... Read More


Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 5: Week 1 Testimonial

June 12, 2019

The first week was undoubtedly the toughest! It was tough getting use to my new routine which consist of taking the aligners out for each meal and cleaning them before placing them back into my mouth. Instead of my phone, wallet, keys checklist it went phone, wallet, keys, aligner case. No big deal but I certainly did forget the case a few times in the first week. The other note... Read More

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