Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 7: Wearing aligners in a social setting

See Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 7: Wearing aligners in a social setting. Perhaps the most challenging part of wearing your aligners the minimum 22 hours each day is wearing them in a social setting. Very few engagements that you will attend are less than 30 minutes and I doubt that you are saving up your 2 hours allotted per day until your event. These are the adaptations that Dr Wesley has made. Check them out and perhaps you can mold this to fit your lifestyle.

Takeaways from the video:

* Feel confident wearing a fanny pack. This is great advice whether you are wearing aligners or not. A purse or murse may work as well but are not nearly as convenient or cool 😉
* Hand sanitizer because you will not always have a sink nearby to wash your hands after you take your aligners in and out
* A travel toothbrush is a must. I really dig this one called ‘Toob’! It unscrews and you can put your toothpaste on the other end. http://yourhealthysmile.com/buy-toob/
* Floss. Any type you like!
* Travel size mouth wash. I like this when you cannot get over to brush right away. At least rinsing minimizes the bacteria that will begin to grow on your teeth and aligners.
* Your Invisalign case with your chewies. This is so you do not have to put them in a napkin! If it’s not in your face it is in your case.

Dr Wesley’s protocol

1. Take out aligners and rinse in the sink if restroom is available. Rinsing the saliva off right away makes for a cleaner aligner when you go to put it back in. Place them in your case immediately.
2. Wash your hands if at a sink or use your travel size hand sanitizer
3. Enjoy yourself!
4. Are you able to excuse yourself and go to a sink? If yes, then get out your floss and begin by flossing. Then brush your teeth and your aligners. Pro tip: brush your teeth first and then use you mouth wash to rinse while you are brushing your aligners.
5. If not to the sink, you can still floss if you are like me and have no shame. Minimally, use your mouth wash to rinse before inserting your aligners. This minimizes the bacteria and food in your mouth. Note: you will still want to go brush as soon as you can! This just buys you more time.
6. Insert your aligners and use your chewies to seat all the way.
7. Wash your hands in the sink or use your hand sanitizer if a sink is not available.
8. Zip up your fanny pack and get back to the party!

Reminder! You can only drink water with your aligners in. You will get cavities or destroy your aligners if you do not.

Let me know if you have any tips that you would like to add by texting/calling 586-286-5520 or emailing us at [email protected]

Put these tips to use this summer….enjoy!

Gerald W. Wesley, DDS, MS