Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 14: The T(r)ooth Hurts

I have a secret to share….. Doctors are human too! It has been far too long since I had shared my Invisalign journey with you all because frankly, there was not much to share. Except perhaps that when COVID struck, I (like you all) developed some poor habits. One of which was not wearing my Invisalign or my elastics to my Motion appliance. I will admit that when we had to shut down our office, I was shaken. My energy night and day went to managing my patients, making sure my team was surviving, and keeping the doors open on the business.

I could go on with the excuses but the fact remains that I, like you, have to face the reality and consequences of my poor compliance. This includes prolonged treatment time and maybe even a less than ideal treatment outcome! I thought of a million ways to say it but inevitably we all know that the good old-fashioned TRUTH will set you free!

It is time to put that behind me and carry on with MY Invisalign Journey. In this episode, I share with you some T(r)ooths regarding rubber bands, Invisalign, and orthodontics in general. As a Clinton Township orthodontist, I can tell you that these truths are universal.

Video Time Points

2:59 T(r)ooth #1: Successful orthodontics is a team effort! Your orthodontist is like your coach. They cannot play for you.

4:39 T(r)ooth #2: What happens when you don’t wear your aligners or rubber bands? Hint: Your teeth shift back to where they started.

7:30 T(r)ooth #3: Will your teeth hurt when you don’t wear your aligners or rubber bands for a while? Can’t I just jam that plastic right back on my teeth or double up on my rubber bands?

10:20 T(r)ooth #4: Can my orthodontist tell if I have been wearing my rubber bands?

13:19 T(r)ooth #5: Do teeth move as easily in adults as they do in children?