Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 12: Bonding the Motion Appliance

Today is another huge milestone in my Invisalign journey! In this episode, we have a very special guest. Someone who I admire deeply and is one of the greatest orthodontists I know. The things I’ve learned about perseverance, hard work, and attention to detail all originated from this man. I am honored to have my original orthodontist, my father, Dr. Gerald Martin Wesley with us on this episode. Keep reading to learn about bonding the motion appliance in Dr. Wesley’s Invisalign journey episode 12.

On this episode, he joins me at my office to remove the Invisalign attachments and then bonds the Motion Appliance. This Motion Appliance is designed to correct my bite by reducing the overjet. (Overjet= the way we classify the relationship of the top teeth to the bottom teeth from front to back).

The Motion Appliance works to do this in following ways:

  • It tips the occlusal plane
  • It distalizes the maxillary dentition
  • It derotates the maxillary molars
  • It proclines and mesializes the mandibular teeth

What do you mean you don’t understand this?! Don’t worry, I have this all covered in more detail in the next episode. Episode 13. In the meantime, I discussed the Motion Appliance in more detail in this blog. Check it out here: https://lifetimeortho.com/motion-appliance/. In this blog, you will also find a video of me placing a Motion Appliance. It is cool to see the difference in techniques between the way I place them and the way my father places them. Here is a short cut to that video:

Video Time Points

If you are living and evolving in this digital world then you, like most of us, only have an attention span of fruit fly. For this reason, I laid out some timepoints in the video that you may enjoy. If you are one of those weird folks that just likes the hum of a drill then by all means, watch the entire video. It is quite interesting.
Dr GM= Dr Gerald Martin (the older Dr Wesley)
Dr GW= Dr Gerald William (Me, I am named after both of my grandfathers)

2:20 Dr GM discusses his preference to be assisted on the opposite side than what GW prefers

3:18 Dr GM shares a story from Dr GW’s childhood. This one left a scar…..literally.

5:02 Dr GW realizing what his patients go through when they are having their braces or attachments removed. Dang that drill it cold! Noted!

5:10 Dr GW compliments his father’s attention to detail. There are few like this around. When people come to my home they ask how I keep things so orderly. They have no idea how deep that goes haha

6:40 If you’re a dental hygienist…..help! Dr GW is going insane because he is unable to clean part of a tooth.

7:07 Dr GW describes the Motion Appliance to Dr GM. This is actually his first time placing this particular appliance! Spoiler alert: He nails it! They then remeasure to make sure they have the right size.

9:23 Etching the teeth. This is a process that kills all of the organic material and creates micro-pores in the tooth. These micro-pores are what allow the adhesive to stick to the tooth.

10:55 Dr GM then places sealant. Sealant fills those pores and is the “middle man” between the tooth and the adhesive.

11:40 He is lining up the Motion Appliance and begins cleaning the extra glue.

12:48 Dr GW approves the placement before Dr GM cures (hardens the glue) with the light.

15:00 Dr GM begins placing the hooks on the lower arch. These will be used to attach the elastics on the bottom.

18:16 Party

18:30 Dr GW attempts to put in his elastics for the first time. This is disgraceful! Cynn (who has been wearing these for several months now) coaches Dr through it.

19:55 PSA: No excuses kids! Victory!