Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 1: The Introduction

See Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 1. As an orthodontic specialist, Dr Wesley is an expert in moving teeth and jaws. That is all that he focuses on all day, everyday! Like a hammer or a shovel, Invisalign is just a tool used to move the teeth. Ultimately, it is the skill and knowledge of the person using the tool that determines the success of the outcome that we are trying to achieve.

Now, Dr Wesley is joining you in the patient seat! You may be wondering why he even needs it. We often hear how straight his teeth already are. There is much more to a healthy smile than just the alignment of the teeth! While straight teeth are nice, our bite and our function are the true purpose of those teeth.

Dr Wesley wants you to join him on his Invisalign journey! Follow along on our YouTube channel OR check back in here, at our blog, to see a new episode biweekly. Dr Wesley will share his intimate, behind the scenes experience. By following you will get to see:

* Why someone like Dr Wesley needs Aligner treatment to begin with
* The step by step process to starting a smile journey
* The behind the scenes work-up that goes into creating a plan for a new smile and bite
* A professionals view while standing on the patient side
* A candid discussion about Aligner treatment
* The challenges with Aligner treatment and tips on how to handle them
* Suggestions for creating a new, Aligner friendly daily routine
* An inside look into Dr Wesley’s weird life and some good laughs!

Feel free to chime in and ask questions as we go.

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We welcome you to Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey….