Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 6: A Healthy Diet

See Dr Wesley’s Invisalign Journey Episode 6: A Healthy Diet. This episode is a bit goofy yet fun! Dr Wesley takes you on a trip to the grocery store and discusses some foods to avoid while wearing your aligners. He also reveals one of the major overlooked benefits of aligner therapy. If you are having any challenges with your aligner routine and diet please reach out to discuss in the comments below or at [email protected]

Here are some important points regarding your Invisalign diet:

* Do not eat with your aligners in!
* Only drink water with the aligners in
* Not soda water or anything carbonated. Carbonated drinks are acidic and will damage the aligners as well as your teeth
* Avoid hard foods such as nuts as they may damage your attachments
* Cut up foods such as apples as biting into a large, crunchy fruit like that may damage your attachments
* Maintain a low sugar diet: sugar can get underneath the aligners. Your tongue and saliva act as natural cleaners. When the aligners are in, the tongue and saliva as they normally do. This allows the bacteria to feed on that sugar completely unharmed.
* Rinse your aligners and brush your teeth after each meal
* Wear them to the grocery store to avoid snacking too much!
* Eat healthy! This is just good advice for anyone 😉