Go With All Your Smile Foundation

What is “Go With All Your Smile”?

As part of our life’s commitment to service, Dr. Wesley and the Lifetime Orthodontics team has created the “Go With All Your Smile” (GWAYS) Foundation. This foundation was created to provide orthodontic care to foster children in need.

The GWAYS Foundation plans to provide over $500,000 in free orthodontic care over the next 5 years to the hundreds of foster children of Macomb County. That is a foster child between the ages of 7 and 16, a ward of the state or a child that has lost their parents prematurely.

We are asking for your nominations of a child or children you think could use orthodontic care. Nominations are going to be based on the criteria listed above.

If you are nominating a child, please see the nomination form enclosed so that we can reach out to the family if they are chosen.

Meet W.J.!


Turtles are known for their long lifespans. For this reason, they represent longevity, patience, wisdom, and good luck. These are the reasons that Lifetime Orthodontics has adopted the Turtle as our mascot.

Turtles have the unique ability to find their way home from birth. WJ has found his home at Lifetime Orthodontics however, He has many brothers and sisters out there waiting to find their homes! Helping these turtles find their way to your home, will also help to give a foster child the smile they have always deserved!

GWAYS is also partnering with Friends of Foster Kids. When you adopt a turtle for just $25, you will be helping a child receive a new smile. Proceeds will go to expanding GWAYS foundation reach by allowing us to provide more smiles.

Guidelines for Nominations:

In order to nominate a child for this opportunity, we ask that the following guidelines can be met by the child nominated.

  • The desire to improve their smile. This includes the commitment to wearing braces for 18-24 months and maintaining a high level of oral hygiene throughout the entire treatment process. Part of the nomination will require the future patient to write a short letter explaining why they wish to improve their smile and where they plan to take their smile.
  • Access to reliable transportation. This is critical! We need to see all of our patients every 6-8 weeks over the course of the 18-24 months treatment time. Missed appointments can extend treatment and therefore put patients at an increased risk for adverse dental affects such as cavities and gum disease.
  • A signed evaluation from a general dentist showing that the candidate is in good dental standing. This means no cavities and no gum disease. This is critical before putting braces on since moving teeth can worsen these conditions if they are present before beginning treatment.
  • There is an orthodontic need and they are ready for orthodontic treatment. While there are some orthodontic issues that are best resolved from the ages of 7-10, we ideally like to wait until all of the adult teeth are in the mouth before beginning orthodontic treatment. Ideal age ranges are therefore 7-16.
  • An understanding that additional dental services may be needed. There are certain cases that require the help of a general dentist, periodontist, oral surgeon, etc. Lifetime Orthodontics does not provide these services and there are times when they would be needed if we are to provide the best possible treatment. These considerations will all be discussed at the initial orthodontic exam.
  • For the parent of the child, if you are on social media, giving us a like on Facebook.

Nomination Form

Click here to download a printable form

    Is this child a foster child, ward of the state, or has lost their parents prematurely?

    *Note: Per the requirements above, the nominating child is also required to write a short letter explaining why they wish to improve their smile and where they plan to take their smile.

    Orthodontic care can be life-changing by improving health and self-confidence. We believe everyone deserves a chance to smile.