Giving Back to the Community: New Day Foundation for Families partners with LTO for the PINK+ Project

LTO was completely honored to host the co-founder of New Day Foundation for Families, Gina Spehn! In this video, Dr Wesley and Gina discuss the PINK+ project and how they have partnered to support New Day Foundation for Families. Gina sheds light on the financial burdens that families face while battling cancer. Watch this video and you will see that Gina and LTO share the common mission to spread HOPE and celebrate LIFE throughout our community. If you are interested in working with New Day Foundation for Families then please reach out at

My Teacher Rocks 2019!

Gianna nominated her teacher, Mrs Jill Erfourth, for our ‘My Teacher Rocks!’ contest. Her winning nomination earned her and her teacher a$50 Visa Gift Card. It earned her class a pizza party. She also earned a $300 donation to her school’s PTA, Duncan Elementary! This is the story!

Pink + Reveal Party Toast

At our Pink + Reveal Party Dr Wesley lead everyone in a toast to life. Watch his toast here and click on the link to read about the rest of the Pink+ Project recap. Have you not heard about Pink+ and are dying to learn more?! Check out this blog here:

Backpacks for a Lifetime

Lifetime Orthodontics donated 30 empty backpacks and delivered them to 30 neighboring dental offices. The offices were asked to fill the bags with anything that someone who is homeless might benefit from. The neighboring dentist responded in a big way and made it a very happy holiday season for several in need around the holiday season.